Jennifer Gutowski & Fred Lonberg-Holm:
Cardioid //

Cardioid // is a meditation on the life and archived work of Malachi Ritscher by Jennifer Gutowski and Fred Lonberg-Holm. Taking an oblique approach to his collection of concert documents, the work purposely avoids the diverse collection of performances and personalities Ritscher recorded. Instead, it explores the periphery of the intentionally documented events; just as Ritscher himself was not the music but the observer, Cardioid // is not the music but the last notes, silences, applause, and markers that accompany the music and, in a sense, contain and capture it.


An array of ceramic simulacra of Ritschers's favorite microphone—AKG C414s "customized" with his initials in place of the usual AKG logo—are suspended in and define the space by outlining the polar pattern of that microphone.


The sounds, drawn randomly from files taken from the aforementioned sources and organized according to numeric data of significance to Ritscher—notably pi and the date of his death—change and cycle continuously in a constantly evolving realization.


Curated by Lou Mallozzi.


Thanks to Alex Inglizian for MAX programming and Tyler Bergfield for his assistance in casting the porcelain microphones.


Cardioid // is the result of a Malachi Ritscher Legacy Commission by the Creative Audio Archive at Experimental Sound Studio. The Legacy Commissions aim to provide the public with increased access and exposure to the materials in the Malachi Ritscher Collection through the creation of new works based on research and exploration of those materials.




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Friday, 01.23.15, 6-9pm


About the Artists

Jennifer Gutowski is an artist, working with and teaching ceramics for over 20 years. She was born in Los Angeles and has lived in Pittsburgh and Chicago. In 1999 she received her MFA from University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana. She met Fred Lonberg-Holm while living and working in Chicago and they have become longtime friends. Other media she works with includes, film, installation, and mixed media. She has contributed to multiple public art works in various Chicago parks. Her personal artwork usually tends to address dream imagery and the “other”.

Cellist composer improviser Fred Lonberg-Holm studied composition with Morton Feldman, Anthony Braxton, Pauline Oliveros, Bunita Marcus and Noah Creshevsky and cello with Orlando Cole and Ardyth Alton. He currently lives in Chicago where he works with a wide variety of musicians in as many situations as possible. Current and ongoing projects include Joe McPhee’s Survival Unit III (w/ Michael Zerang), Stirrup (w/ Charles Rumback and Nick Macri), Seval, Friction Brothers (w/ Michael Colligan and Zerang), The Valentine Trio, The Boxhead Ensemble, ADA trio (w/ Brötzmann and Nilssen-Love), VCDC, The Fast Citizen’s, Ballister as well as numerous one off projects. He has appeared in numerous festivals on several continents. Improvisers he has worked with include Clare Cooper, Charlotte Hug, Andrea Neumann, Sofia Jernberg, Shelly Hirsch, Carrie Shull, Carrie Biolo, Birgitte Uhler, Rachel Wadham, Mary Halvorson, Joelle Leandre, Joanne Powers, Zeena Parkins, Judy Dunaway, Lotte Anker as well as a number of guys. He also leads a revolving cast large ensembles under the name Lightbox Orchestra. His extensive discography includes free improvised and free jazz recordings as well as new music, pop, rock and noise. In addition to composing and performing he has made a number of sound installations including recently at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, Joymore and Geschiedle Gallery.