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Future Force Geo Speculators: Remote Central

OPENS 05.02.14


The Future Force Geo Speculators (Carole Frances Lung, Ellen Rothenberg, Christine Tarkowski) are a feminist collective recreating the future factory through the fabrication of collaborative textiles, architectural objects, and performative wearable goods.


A sonic component of the exhibition will be contributed by Sally Timms, a musician best known for her long involvement with the mekons.


Curated by Sandra Binion.



OPENING RECEPTION: Friday May 2nd, 6-9pm
Special performance by Sally Timms at 7


Sat. & Sun., 1pm–5pm*

OR email info@ess.org to schedule an appointment



Outer Ear 2014

The Bridge #4 

DSP Chicago is an informal meet-up for music programmers to discuss their projects, get help debugging, and learn more about diverse platforms like SuperCollider and Max/MSP. Open to beginners with basic knowledge of audio software and focused on open source languages, all are welcome to come explore computer music.
This month, Milwaukee's Erik Shoster (a.k.a. He Can Jog) will be presenting "pippi," his Python-based open-source programming platform.

In town for the fourth Bridge 'adventure' (the second in Chicago), French musicians Julien Desprez (guitar) and Matthieu Sourisseau (bass) will be joined by Chicagoans Rob Mazurek (cornet), Mwata Bowden (reeds), and Matt Lux (bass) for an evening of improvised music.


SAT.05.03, 8PM
$10/8 students & members


Click for more tickets & more info!



Cretaceous Chorus by Ed Herrmann
Feb. 13th – April 30, 2011
Cretaceous Chorus is a new work by composer and sound designer Ed Herrmann. The piece is meticulously composed into three overlapping loops of different lengths, so the listening experience is ever-changing and unpredictable.
Admission is FREE!
ESS Experimental Sound Studio FLORASONIC opening July 14th 2013: Coppice: Droopy

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