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Samson Cheung

Samson Cheung:
As I have listened /
Please chat with me

Visiting artist Samson Cheung, from Hong Kong, has been in residence at ESS for several weeks, inaugurating the new Wavefront international artist exchange program with soundpocket. In his performance As I have listened / Please chat with me, Samson invites the audience to respond, interact, and improvise with the evolving contents of his Chicago journey, using objects, texts, and simple instructions based on his experiences. This reflects his change of mind from a passive to an active way of adapting to a new place, and creates yet another new layer of his (shared) memories in the US.


Reception at 6pm;
performance at 7pm
Free admission



Boris Hauf
& Keefe Jackson:
Round the creep of the
wave line

For their collaboration, Boris Hauf and Keefe Jackson considered the materials and elements in the Fern Room—soil, metal, glass and sunlight—in parallel to the materials and elements of the saxophones and clarinets they play—wood, metal, plastic and breath.


02.09–05.31, 9-5pm

Lincoln Park Conservatory
2391 N Stockton Dr., Chicago 





Cretaceous Chorus by Ed Herrmann
Feb. 13th – April 30, 2011
Cretaceous Chorus is a new work by composer and sound designer Ed Herrmann. The piece is meticulously composed into three overlapping loops of different lengths, so the listening experience is ever-changing and unpredictable.
Admission is FREE!
ESS Experimental Sound Studio FLORASONIC opening July 14th 2013: Coppice: Droopy

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